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A properly maintained irrigation system will keep your landscape in top shape and help conserve water.

Our 9 point sprinkler check includes:

  • Examine all valves
  • Check for clogged/broken nozzles
  • Check nozzle use for targeted application
  • Check for overspray/waste water
  • Check for broken beads
  • Check for broken pipes
  • Check for rotary head functionality
  • Check for controller settings for current season
  • Check for rain sensor

Sprinkler Settings
When watering your lawn the goal is to keep your soil moist. Not wet and not dry. So while you set your sprinklers there are a few things to keep in mind. First, every lawn is different when it comes to the amount of sunlight, shade and drainage. Areas that get full sun most of the day are going to need more water than areas that are shaded or have poor drainage. Second, watch the weather. Climatic conditions such as heavy rainfall or high winds will result in lowering or increasing your watering times. Finally, remember the estimated times below are simply a starting point. Most people will need to adjust their sprinkler systems according to their specific lawn. Be sure to schedule your watering days around the day your lawn is mowed. Not watering on this day will allow for a cleaner cut.

Suggested watering schedule:


Month # of times
per week

Start Time
January 1 per week 6-8 min. 8:00am
February 1-2 per week 8-10 min. 8:00am
March 1-2 per week 12-15 min. 7:00am
April 2 per week 15-20 min. 7:00am
May 2 per week 15-20 min. 5:00am
June 2 per week 20-22 min. 5:00am
July 2 per week 22-25 min. 5:00am
August 2 per week 22-25 min. 5:00am
September 2 per week 18-20 min. 7:00am
October 2 per week 14-16 min. 7:00am
November 1-2 per week 12-14min. 8:00am
December 1 per week 10-12 min. 8:00am



** EXCEPTION: You must be in compliance with your city or counties water restrictions. Adjust your watering days and start times accordingly.


Dallas County Watering Restrictions as of 1/1/13

-       Even number addresses  Sunday and Thursday

-       Odd number addresses   Saturday and Wednesday

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